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    Grand Salvo – Sea Glass

    Sea glass. A sharp, human thing worn smooth by nature. A still thing enclosing so much time and tumult. When, six years after I fell hard for Grand ...

    January 31, 2019
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    Laura Jean – Devotion

    On Press Play, the first track on Devotion, Melbourne songwriter Laura Jean winds back the clock. “I sat behind you on the bus yesterday / You were staring ...

    June 16, 2018
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    Native Cats – John Sharp Toro

    Everyone and everything not in the crosshairs of Native Cats singer Chloe Alison Escott should be relieved. Her superpowers of perception lead to lyrics that first encapsulate and ...

    April 8, 2018
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    Divide and Dissolve – Abomination

    On St Patrick’s Day in Austin, in a courtyard sloshing with pints and good moods, Divide and Dissolve struck their first bottom-heavy chord and shamrocks quivered. Some revellers ...

    April 8, 2018
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    Primitive Motion – House In The Wave

    Once I lived with a person who played the piano. It would drift down the hall, and in and out of my dreams. House in the Wave has ...

    April 8, 2018
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    Miss Blanks – Diary Of A Thotaholic

    Brisbane rapper Miss Blanks (Sian Vandermuelen) is often compared to Nicki Minaj but Missy Elliot is more on point: fine, filthy and also very funny. At gigs, Vandermuelen’s ...

    January 10, 2018

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The Dirty Three (Opera House)

“Unique” is a word that’s flung around a lot. Yet most acts it’s slapped on, such as the Cure, left legions of imitators in their wake. The word ...

May 28, 2019

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    Unhurried in Hatta

    Set in the Al Hajar mountains, not far from Dubai, the quiet town of Hatta won’t be quiet for long Even surrounded by water – which in Dubai, you commonly are – still, you can feel it: the dryness of the Arabian Desert the city is built on and within, second in size only to the Sahara. Not far from the city’s ...

    March 18, 2019
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    ‘I might get my boobs out’: aboard Air Mofo’s bonkers flight to Launceston

    “How was your flight?” will have a new reply in future from the 150 passengers on board Air Mofo’s maiden trip on Friday. “Fine,” they’ll say. “But did I ever tell you about that bonkers flight I took to Tasmania?” When I pass them at Melbourne airport, I assume the young women in matching yellow tees are a boisterous sporting team. Then ...

    January 19, 2019
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    Moroccan Rhapsody

    At first we’re told the medina has 10,000 alleyways. “It’s a labyrinth,” says our guide, Mohamed. The ancient, walled part of Fès, Morocco, is the world’s best place to get lost, he says. “But have you actually lost people?” I ask. “Four times,” Mohamed says in a tone that pleads, “do not make it five, Kate.” The next day, Fès local, Khadya, ...

    August 31, 2018